Using ActionBarSherlock with IntelliJ IDEA


“Usage” section of ActionBarSherlock only give you how to configure it with Eclipse. It is a little bit different for IntelliJ IDEA.

  • Download ActionBarSherlock zip file and extract it next to your application module which will make use of ActionBarSherlock.
  • Select File->Import Module from IntelliJ IDEASelect library folder under ActionBarSherlock folder and import it as a new module. It will be imported as an Android library module.

  • Open module settings of ActionBarSherlock library module and export android-support-v4.jar dependency
  • Open module settings of your application which will make use of ActionBarSherlock and add a new Module Dependency

  • Select ActionBarSherlock from the list of modules


PS:Some tutorials on the internet directs you to add android-support-v4.jar to your application’s libs folder and add as a library dependency. Since ActionBarSherlock already includes it you do not have to do it, just export it from ActionBarSherlock. If you also add android-support-v4.jar as a library to your own module you may get UNXPECTED TOP LEVEL EXCEPTION.

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Enterprise Software Licensing Considerations

If you will purchase an enterprise software like database, application server you have to consider several factors other than functionality of the software. With the virtualization and multicore servers you have to carefully consider combination of Vendor-Software-CPU Architecture-CPU Core Number-Virtualization Solution.

  • Virtualization:Not all vendors welcome virtualized environments. Virtualization has two consequences. The first one is you may not get support for your problems that occur in virtual environments. The second one is you may have to license for actual physical cores instead of virtual cores assigned to your software. This may also depend on the virtualization solution you will use. Some of them accepts all hypervisors(VMWare, VirtualBox, OracleVM, HyperV etc) as a valid virtualization solutions but some of them accept any of them. For example IBM accepts all of the above virutalization solutions as valid options. But oracle only accepts its own virtualization solution, Oracle VM. That means if you deploy an Oracle DB EE on a 2 virtual CPU VMWare based virtual machine on a 8 core physical server you have to pay for 8 cores not 2 cores assigned to virtual server. For oracle only virtualization solution that cuts licensing costs is OracleVM. One different example could be given for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 EE. If you purchase Windows 2008 EE license they allow you to deploy 4 different virtual instances on the same physical host. Microsoft also accepts wide range of virtualization solutions not only their own solution, Hyper-V.
  • Multi-core Policy:Today nearly all CPUs are multi-core. As you know, most vendors require you to pay more when the number of CPUs/cores increases. It may also depend on the architecture of the CPU. For example Oracle Database Enterprise Edition require you to purchase 1 license for each pair of CPU core for X86/X64 architecture. If you have a 8 core machine you have to purchase 4 licenses. But if your application will be working on a PowerPC architecture you may need a license for each core, so for an 8 core PowerPC you may need to purchase 8 licenses. But for Oracle DB Standard Edition, you have to purchase a license for each CPU, number of cores is irrelevant. IBM has a completely different licensing model. They have PVU(Processor Value Unit) concept and you have to purchase PVU values. Lets give an example. For Intel Xeon 55XX series CPUs each core require you to purchase 50 PVU, but Intel Xeon 65XX series require you to purchase 120 PVU for each core.  Also there are other considerations as well for example number of maximum allowed sockets (CPUs) per server.
  • Named User Licenses:Named user licensing is generally more easier than cpu licensing. Each user/application/hardware accessing the application directly or indirectly (a user accessing DB through connection pool) requires a license. Generally suitable for test and development environments.


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3 Months Since My Complete Switch to Ubuntu

It has been 3 months since I have completely switched to ubuntu on my work laptop. Although I have managed to solve most of the problems that I have encountered there are still several critical bugs. Unfortunately Nvidia driver in Ubuntu is not stable enough. Compiz is crashing several times in a week leaving desktop environment unresponsive to mouse clicks. Second, projector or external monitor does not work. Both of them have active bugs in Ubuntu bug database and waiting for solution. Third there are some programs like Evernote, Dreamweaver, and their linux alternatives or running them under wine is not satisfying. There are other bugs like resume from sleep is loooong (more than 30 secons), sometimes can not mount usb flash drives, increased fan noise etc. but they are not as critical as Nvidia driver problems.I have been using Linux on my home file server with ZFS file system for a long time and I am happy with it. Also we are using it in our server at work and we are happy with them. But, Linux Desktop is not ready for day to day use:(

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Rest vs SOAP

Are there any analogy between SOAP vs Rest based web services and Entity Beans vs hibernate? I big telecom company is investing heavily on SOAP based web services as they guided by Oracle. I still could not identify any case  where they are using WS-security, WS-transaction or similar features that are not exist in rest based web services. Oracle and similar companies pushing companies toward SOAP but open source is fading away from SOAP and choosing REST.

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Ubuntu 11.10 and Brightness Problem

On some labtops (for example some of sony F series labtops) brightness levels may not work after installation. Keyboard shortcut works and indicator shows brightness is increased or decreased but brightness of the monitor does not change. In my case solution was adding highlighted line below to /etc/X11/xorg.conf file (depending on your system you may add it in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-nvidia.conf file) and restarting X using sudo service lightdm restart.

Section "Device"
  Identifier     "Device0"
  Driver         "nvidia"
  VendorName     "NVIDIA Corporation"
  Option  "NoLogo"        "True"
 Option "RegistryDwords" "EnableBrightnessControl=1"
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Ubuntu One

Recently I have decided to give a try to Ubuntu One. There are two advantages of Ubunto One over Dropbox:
1) It allows you sync any folder on your computer not just a specific folder like Dropbox. So you could have more than one top level folder synced.
2) It also provides music streaming service and streams mp3 files from your synced folders to other ubuntu one clients without downloading whole folders to each client.

I have successfuly setup Ubuntu One on my Ubuntu 11.10 labtop. But for strange reasons it could not sync my ubuntu 11.10 desktop computer. There were lots of errors in ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/ubuntuone/logs/syncdaemon-exceptions.log file similar to followings:

UnpicklingError: could not find MARK
UnpicklingError: unpickling stack underflow
UnpicklingError: invalid load key, ‘^Q’
UnpicklingError: invalid load key, ‘^C’ directed me to following solution..

u1sdtool -q
sudo rm -rf ~/.local/share/ubuntuone
u1sdtool -c

After above steps, ubuntuone started to sync files on my desktop computer.

At anytime you can check status of ubuntuone with following commands.
u1sdtool –status
u1sdtool –waiting

Main disadvantage of ubuntu one compared to Dropbox is stability and sync speed. It is slow and not as mature as Dropbox. You can verify this by checking its own form, a lot of people are complaining.

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TTNET Muzik Android Uygulaması

TTNET’in muzik uygulaması Motorola Xoom’dan başka android tablet’de çalışmıyor. Aslında teknik olarak bir sıkıntı yok ama bu TTNET’in bilinçli olarak uygulamaya koyduğu bir kısıtlama.  Bendeki Asus Transformer tablet üzerinde bu uygulamayı çalıştırmak için şu şekilde bir yol izlemiştim:

APK dosyasını diassembly edip DeviceRestriction dosyasındaki

if-eq v0, v1, :cond_0

if-ne v0, v1, :cond_0

ile değiştirip, tekrar assembly ve sign ettmiştim. Diassembly işlemi için Easy Apk Disassembler uygulamasını kullanabilirsiniz. Bunu paylaşıp paylaşmamakta kararsızdım ama sonunda paylaşmaya karar verdim. TTNET Müzik üyesi olurken size istediğiniz her yerden dinleyebileceğinizi söylüyorlar ama daha sonra bilinçli olarak Motorola Xoom’un dışındaki android tabletlerde uygulamanın çalışmasını engelliyorlar. Bu güzel bir davranış değil.

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PDF vs EPUB on Android

Most of the ebooks I have purchased are available in several formats including epub and pdf. Due to my Sony ebook reader’s epub support I was biased toward epubs although I have already purchased ezPDF Reader application for my android devices. Recently I have started to read some books that are only available in PDF. For epubs on android devices I am using Aldiko application. But it has 2 drawbacks. Firstly it does not support annotations and second it is has very poor page turn performance if page contains source code. I have tried some other popular epub reader applications like Moon+ Reader. But I am not statisfied with them either. For example Moon+ Reader completely destroys formatting of source codes in epub. ezPDF reader is very fast and allows annotations on PDF files. It has also other advantages like text to speech but I do not use them. Only disadantage of PDF format is the margins around the page. But ezPDF Reader has fit to text feature to automatically eliminate these white spaces. So I think I am re-downloading my ebooks in PDF format. Sorry epub, you are a standard format but you need more time.

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Best eclipse shortcut

I have been using eclipse for years. I were using several shortcuts to speed up things. But I have learned my favorite shortcut, CTRL+3 just a few months ago. It is something like one shortcut to learn them all. How could I miss this for years?

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EMO (Elektrik Mühendisleri Odası)

Şirkette bazı arkadaşlara EMO’nun dergisi geliyor. Bu derginin ve EMO’nun elektrik, elektronik veya bilgisayar ile fazla bir ilgisinin olmadığını, tamamen siyasi bir yapıya büründüğünü üzülerek gözlemlemekteyim. Bir siyasi partiden daha fazla siyaset yaptığını rahatlıkla söyleyebilirim. Bilgisayar mühendisi olarak bu odaya kesinlikle üye olmayı düşünmüyorum.


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