Component Level Versioning and Bundle of Components in JIRA

Each project in JIRA has its own set of components and versions. Versions are defined at project level so any version is valid for any component of the project. For a very long time ability to use component specific version numbers within the JIRA is one of the most requested feature. There are various feature requests opened just for this feature, like JRA-3501. If your project contains components that have different version numbers you have two choices:

You may make your each component a different project

Advantage of this approach is you may have finer level of detail in managing the project. You may assign different issue schemas, workflows or assign different persons to different roles. Disadvantage is your project administration may become more complex. Also you have to define special filters to see all issues of higher level project.

You may use “Component and Bundle Versions for JIRA” plugin

This plugin allows you to assign different versions to different components within your JIRA project. This component specific version is enforced on every issue operation like create, edit, inline edit, workflow screens. Possibility of selecting incorrect component and version pair for an issue is greatly reduced. This plugin also allows you to group different version of different components into a bundle. Bundles has different versions than components. In any issue screen if no component is selected, plug-in only allows versions that are assigned to a bundle. You can also filter issues using two new JQL functions; affectsBundle and fixedInBundle. affectsBundle function takes a list of bundle names and returns all issues that are affecting the components in the bundle or directly entered for bundle without specifying any component. fixedInBundle JQL function works similar to affectsBundle but works for “fix version” field.
You may have more detailed explanation of plug-in at its home page and help pages. You can also visit the plug-in’s page at Atlassian Marketplace.

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Component and Bundle Versions for JIRA

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