Blogging Softwares for Mac:MarsEdit 3.5.9 vs Metropolis 1.0.2

I have been using MarsEdit during last month and during that time I have posted several posts using it. I have been using trial version and I was considering to buy it, though it’s $40 price is expensive for a blogging software. I have come across Metropolis from CHIARO Software. I think Metropolis is only for wordpress though. Both of them are very good applications and have very similar functions.

Common Functions:
  • HTML and Rich Text editing
  • Previewing post
  • Local Drafts
  • Setting post properties (Publication date, tags, categories, turning comments on/off, allowing/disallowing pingbacks)
  • Inserting images into posts
  • Allows editing of posts and pages
  • Allows custom stylesheets for previewing your post
  • Spell check
  • Retina display support

Pros of Metropolis:

  • Twitter integration (automatically publishes your post on twitter, allows tracking who tweeted your post)
  • Allows directly seeing comments on your site and approving, deleting them etc.
  • Cheaper, $20 is half of the price of MarsEdit
  • Formatting toolbar in Rich Text Editor
  • Allows setting slug for post
  • Allows editing of excerpt of your post

Pros of MarsEdit

  • Media manager, allows resizing of images within the application
  • Blog This bookmarklet to reblog something you have seen on the web
  • Supports other blogging sites other than wordpress
  • Integrates with other text editors for editing HTML Text, like BBEdit
  • Allows javascript and plugins on preview screen
  • Support for WordPress Private and Pending Post status
  • Macro support for repeated actions