3 Months Since My Complete Switch to Ubuntu

It has been 3 months since I have completely switched to ubuntu on my work laptop. Although I have managed to solve most of the problems that I have encountered there are still several critical bugs. Unfortunately Nvidia driver in Ubuntu is not stable enough. Compiz is crashing several times in a week leaving desktop environment unresponsive to mouse clicks. Second, projector or external monitor does not work. Both of them have active bugs in Ubuntu bug database and waiting for solution. Third there are some programs like Evernote, Dreamweaver, and their linux alternatives or running them under wine is not satisfying. There are other bugs like resume from sleep is loooong (more than 30 secons), sometimes can not mount usb flash drives, increased fan noise etc. but they are not as critical as Nvidia driver problems.I have been using Linux on my home file server with ZFS file system for a long time and I am happy with it. Also we are using it in our server at work and we are happy with them. But, Linux Desktop is not ready for day to day use:(

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