PDF vs EPUB on Android

Most of the ebooks I have purchased are available in several formats including epub and pdf. Due to my Sony ebook reader’s epub support I was biased toward epubs although I have already purchased ezPDF Reader application for my android devices. Recently I have started to read some books that are only available in PDF. For epubs on android devices I am using Aldiko application. But it has 2 drawbacks. Firstly it does not support annotations and second it is has very poor page turn performance if page contains source code. I have tried some other popular epub reader applications like Moon+ Reader. But I am not statisfied with them either. For example Moon+ Reader completely destroys formatting of source codes in epub. ezPDF reader is very fast and allows annotations on PDF files. It has also other advantages like text to speech but I do not use them. Only disadantage of PDF format is the margins around the page. But ezPDF Reader has fit to text feature to automatically eliminate these white spaces. So I think I am re-downloading my ebooks in PDF format. Sorry epub, you are a standard format but you need more time.

PDF vs EPUB on Android, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating