Podcast Suggestions for Software Engineers

I try to follow several podcast to catch up with my profession and technology. Generally time cost of listening a podcast is zero. For example you can listen them while driving, walking, etc. Followings are my favorite podcasts, I hope you like them.

  • Java Posse: This is my favorite podcast. If you will listen only one, choose this one. 4 professional talks about Java related technologies. Some times they talk about gadgets like IPhone, Android, tables etc. By listening this podcast you will have general idea of what is happing in Java Community. You may consider to subscribing Google Groups for this podcast. Their recording quality is also very good. They are currently at episode 336, and they are very active since 2005.
  • Software Engineering Radio:They cover wide range of architectural issues. It is not a programming language specific. Recording quality is not as good as Java Posse. Each episode is made with a quest speaker who is closely related with topic of current episode.
  • Glassfish Podcast: This one is about JEE and Glassfish Application Server. Although it is named as Glassfish Podcast, it is still very useful if you are interested in JEE.
  • English as A Second Language: This one is not related to software engineering. But for us, English is a must. This is a very useful podcast for improving your listening and vocabulary.  In addition to improving your English you may improve your knowledge about American Culture.