RTSJ Links You May be Interested

Updated on Nov 12, 2009.

  • Autonomous Audi TTS, Will Race to The Top of Pikes Peak in 2010 and Control Software is Developed with RT Java

More information at http://www.botjunkie.com/2009/10/24/stanfords-new-robotic-audi-tts-knows-how-to-drift-will-tackle-pikes-peak-next-year/

These articles are good starting for real-time Java (RTSJ)  if you are already a experienced Java  developer.

Technical documentation of Sun’s RTSJ implementation and various code examples.

A lots of articles about RTSJ, links to RTSJ Engineers blogs, presentations from various conferences including JavaOne.

  • Hear Metronome: The WebSphere Real Time GC

This video is published to youtube by IBM. It is a demonstration of the IBM’s WebSphere RealTime’s Metronome Garbage Collector. Same program is executed with and without real-time garbage collector. Effect of real-time garbage collector can be easily seen and heard.

  • A Helping Hand:Real-Time Java

An effective non-technical introduction to real-time systems and Real-Time Java.

  • An Industrial Robot Controlled by Real-Time Java

This robot arm drawing picture and playing classic knife game. Do you volunteer to put your hand under a knife controlled by this robot?

  • Application Design Using RTSJ by Doug Locke

A play list of 3 part presentation of Doug Locke about features of Real-Time Java Specification (RTSJ). It talks about what is real time, what are the advantages of Java compared to other languages and what RTSJ provides to enable real-time programming in Java.

  • An Introduction to Real-Time Java Specification (RTSJ) by Dr. Greg Bollella

A play list of 5 part presentation of former RTSJ specification lead Dr. Gred Bollella about features of Real-Time Java.

  • Java RTS Meets Wall Street by Eric Bruno

A play list of 2 part presentation that describes time critical operations in wall street (limit order etc.) and how real-time Java can be used to make more money improving responsiveness of application.

I have generated a play list of all RTSJ related videos on youtube. I will try my best to keep it up to date

Contains specification, list of books about Real-Time Java, links to lost of articles and some code samples. Also you can download reference implementation using the link in that site.

Several white papers about real-time systems and why you should real-time java in your next project. Aonix is one of the leading providers of real-time java platforms. They are also the only provider of a safety-critical java platform that can be used for DO-178B Level A. (Perc Raven).

Standard java libraries are not optimized for real-time world, for example standard ArrayList because it expands at runtime when needed. This implementation adds significant indeterminism. Javolution provides replacement libraries for text processing, io, collections etc. optimized for real-time applications.